Rakiara's Taittinger Queen da


                 Rakiara's Tattinger Queen.

             sire:U.S.CH. Kimanis Sharper Image & dam: Rakiara´s `High Honey Sun Up

                                                Breeder: Mrs. Dudley Hackney

Queenie  was "the perfect lady", in every way, in that she was the very

essence of good behaviour and sweetness.


She arrived in Denmark, at 10 weeks old, after a 2000 km. journey by car,

with her breeder; Mrs. Dudley Hackney. This, so she could aviod changing

planes on the way. With such a loving and caring start in life, Queenie was

well equipped to start her new life in "the unknown". She was born

well-behaved, I have never owned a Rhodesian Ridgeback so easy to get along

with. I would like to take the credit for that, but it wouldn´t be the truth,

it was just the way Queenie was.

Queenie was healthy and sound, and she was a very good mother to her

puppies. Running free in the open, she was our "African Gazelle", with the

same grace,easiness and agility. She could  jump right up in the air, to remain

"hanging" there. This I have only seen one more R.R. do, an African bitch

named Chipo, who thaught us the great importance of height and weight in a R.R.

Queenie came from a  litter of 12, none DS, all with show qualty ridges.


Queenie  was the "chiefguard " here. She was "mommy´s

dog," we had a very special relationship. I still miss her so much !

Queenie was only  entered in conformation a few times, partly because

she doesn´t like it very much, but also because it was hard to get good

placements. When shown, she often competed against bitches much heavier in

body, with colours not at all like Queenie's warm, golden wheaten tone, which

was seldom seen here in Denmark at that time and still is.

Queenie got only one litter but what a litter! 7 puppies, 6 bitches and

1 male, one with one crown, no DS or kink tails . From this litter came DK.CH.NL.Club

winner, BISS Copper Queen´s Auxesia by Xoxa and N.CH Copper Queen´s Aretos by


I want to thank mrs Dudley Hackney , you is became one of mine dearste friend , you have a great knowledge to our breed  and you have always be willing to help , thank you Dudley.

Queenie was my  foundation-bitch, the very best I could ever wish for, that´s why my Kennel

carries her name!

RIP Queenie

Nov. 2018, I got the sad message, Dudley was sudden passed away.

I'll miss her loyal friendship.

What a beautiful trip it was having known Dudley.

    RIP Dudley